Tweets as Ninety Nine (@NinetyNine55), name taken from the character on the TV show ‘Get Smart’, also in homage to the 99% movement.

My day job (and often night job) is a palliative home carer… and has taught me, life is too short to spend it watching TV for 6-hours a day.

I used to run a moderately successful politics blog, until I woke up and realised all I was doing was helping Little Hitlers, er… Jackbooted Despots, get high-paying jobs that enable them take away our rights and impose lethal austerity on us.

I deactivated that blog and decided to fight for Rights, rather than the people who were taking them away.

Bradley Manning, Anonymous, the Occupy Movement, wikileaks, the Pirate party, free speech, human rights, #Banksters, justice, CISPA, the 99%, Murdochracy is a demockery, austerity – and online rights… I have a lot to learn

I have no special computer skills, if I ever brag about my super powers with a keyboard (do people still use keyboards?) I’m making it up, but I support activists for free speech and online speech, like any speech should be free from censorship.

I believe what Anonymous did with Steubenville was one of the greatest things ever.

Power to the people not the powerful.


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